Jack Vero is a Canadian-American technology and media entrepreneur, early Bitcoin investor, founder of Enterprise Sound Inc. and ParkingSpotSaver.com, and writer-director of the movie Cherries and Clover (2013).

Born January 30th, 1989 in Toronto, Canada Vero studied Writing at York University before dropping out to move to Los Angeles, California in 2010 to work in the film and tech industries before recently relocating to Tennessee and Moscow, Russia where he is researching his next project.

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Parking Spot Saver

A remote-controlled device and company I created in 2014 to help people protect their reserved parking spaces from unwanted visitors. I abandoned this project to focus on developing Enterprise Sound.

Enterprise Sound, Inc. - Retail Music Platform

Enterprise Sound, Inc. was an online music streaming service for retail establishments that I co-founded in 2015. Kind of like Spotify/Pandora for businesses, except that we also handled the licensing for our clients since playing copyrighted music without paying royalties to the artists in a commercial establishment is illegal. For a monthly subscription our clients could listen to over 100 stations that were automatically generated by the algorithm my partner and I wrote. The entire web application as well as our hardware player was created by my partner and I using nodeJS (MEAN stack) and AWS. Despite acquiring interest from a number of trial users and investors I decided to terminate the startup so that I could focus on Bitcoin.


Prototype Demonstration

This is a demonstration of an early prototype of the remote controlled Parking Spot Saver device I was inventing in October of 2013.

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