How Bitcoin is Restoring Meritocracy to the Money Game (and Made Me a Millionaire at 28)

June 4, 2018

Alright I'm not going to do this justice but I will give it a shot. This isn't my job - you know - I'm not like a journalist. But basically here's the real deal about Bitcoin...

Bitcoin's Purpose - to Restore Meritocracy to the Corrupt Financial System

For those who've been living under a rock - the financial system is totally rigged - our money is just paper backed by nothing but the promise of politicians who as a matter of fact break their legal financial obligations constantly. The Federal Reserve - which is a privately owned bank that illegally seized the job of printing dollars from the Treasury - is simply part of a global financial cartel that is illegal and unconstititutional and probably involved in the murder of JFK, the orchestration of 9/11, and likely so much else of what has derailed the world from the carefully designed government structures the West once thrived upon.

These banks literally declare more money into existence and give it to their banking partners, media, and those who help them to sustain the status-quo scam most people today were born into. None of this is my own personal speculation, these viewpoints are held by hundreds of millions around the world, and are the real underlying reason behind many of the wars and censorship, restrictive laws and other injustices necessary to maintain such a rigged system.

Enter Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an open-source, transparent, decentralized, impossible to control new type of money that was designed to provide an alternative to the FIAT money scam. I will not get into details about these basic elements any more than this, there are already countless articles about this in every language of the world. What I aim to do is explain the grand vision of the project. The ultimate goal WAS to restore integrity to the financial system, to fix the scoreboard by which most power is measured and delegated, and in so doing, systematically fix all the problems that stem from this starting at the root of the problem. Clearly an extremely ambitious aim, among the most ambitious of all time, and so of course the project had incredible opposition and even those few who early on had some understanding of the scope of what was at stake did not think it had a shot in hell of getting this far. Surely the governments or banks or Rothschild banking dynasty would crush it in infancy - but Bitcoin is still here - and though it has sustained some major damages the end is still unclear.

My Story - How I turned $20K into $1.4M in 18 months

...and was censored from sharing the opportunity with most others early on

Basically the reason that those outside my immediate circle did not hear about how much Bitcoin I personally had was so I could avoid being hacked or taken hostage but now I've sold most of it so I can be a bit more transparent. I did not do anything illegal to acquire the coin - I just got in when it was cheap - and the documentation to prove that is available in my mainstream trading platform account histories.

However the steps that were necessary for my personal privacy had nothing to do with the far more troubling censorship that most likely occured to prevent myself and other early evangelists from sharing the opportunity with any outside our immediate circles.

I first heard about Bitcoin in the latter half of 2013 - not even particuarly early to be honest - but I understood the vastness and destiny of the idea immediately whereas others considered it unsubstantial. That's why they sold theirs and I maxed out 4 credit cards to bet $40,000 of debt on something EVERYONE said was a joke. In addition to the debt I also put in literally all the money I had saved up until that point, around $12,000 and another $23,000 borrowed on VERY dubious terms. So in terms of total capital invested it was more like $75,000. I guess the best way to phrase it would be that I went from having a net worth of about $20k (and no debt) to a net worth of $1.4M by the time Bitcoin reached it's latest peak around Christmas 2017. I did not sell at the peak so I am not still a millionaire at the moment - but can't complain too much as I will be back there soon enough. I have mostly diversified into more traditional securities now (which are also doing very well... oil, gazprom, for those who care)

Though my dozens of bitcoin related social media posts went largely unnoticed and most likely shadow-banned (when posts are automatically secretly deranked in the timeline, the original poster gets no notice) by Facebook for their pro-capitalist, anti-establishment and then-controversial keywords - I was nevertheless able to inform a number of my close connections about the opportunity and they together likewise amassed a fortune in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it still is a great disappointment that I was not able to share the opportunity of a lifetime with more people but I suppose this should be no surprise in the totalitarian, fake-capitalist, prison most Westerners currently reside.

There are bright sides to this. I don't have to eat McDonalds anymore. Nor do some I was able to help. And I do believe the tide is turning in the direction of truth and freedom once again. But there was more lost than I can begin to address here. I probably should've mentioned something about some of the people I knew in the space but that'll have to wait for another time. Hopefully at least this half-ass attempt at a summary of the effect Bitcoin has thus far had on my life has been at least a little bit revealing.

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