Did you do anything illegal to obtain Bitcoin?

No I did not do anything illegal, I just knew to buy at the right time because I have always been good at predicting trends. My transaction history is all recorded on the mainstream exchanges I used and can be provided if necessary.

What is your job?

I am an entrepreneur, but at the moment most of my work entails independent research. I think most business people jump into mediocre ventures without first doing enough research to identify the MOST profitable option. The world is extremely complicated, interconnected, and changes increasingly rapidly - most of us can't even keep track of whether we are running in the right direction or not - so there is a lot of money to be made if you can understand the big picture. But it takes a great deal of work to catch up to all the knowledge most older entrepreneurs have. This is why I sacrified income opportunities in my early twenties to focus full time on studying a wide range of subjects, and it has paid off in more ways than just financially. However since money is the easiest thing to measure objectively, we can use Bitcoin as an example. Understanding cryptocurrency at the time that I did wasn't luck it was the result of having previously studied a number of related fields which allowed me to recognize the opportunity - things like computer science, macroeconomics, epistemology, etc. However at 29 years of age there is still a great deal to learn, and the global economy is in a very risky state so even just safely reinvesting what I've earned so far currently has most of my attention which is a quite complex and potentially costly task that cannot be entrusted to others who will always put their own profits before mine.

Why are you in Russia at this tumultuous time, are you abandoning America?

No I am not abandoning America, I am a patriot. I am in Russia because I see good business opportunities and think both countries should cooperate rather than fight.

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