"Music expresses that which cannot be said but cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo

Music is just a hobby for me but keeps me grounded so I'll be playing my whole life. In terms of what I listen to, lately it's mostly house and techno.

River of Brakelights Cover

I recorded this Julian Casablancas cover in Moscow in October of 2018. To me it is about dissatisfaction with life, that it isn't enough, and ends too soon.

Like batteries, we die,
like rivers, we dry.
We fuel and recharge,
that's humans and cars.

My son, my soul,
be my homeward bound.
Where did you go?
You were my ride home.

Is that what we want?
Is everything shot?
Is that what you asked for?
Cause that's what we got.

The Lion King - Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Recorded in Santa Monica, California in September of 2017. The reason I look a little under the weather here is because I am recovering from surgery but it's fine because this is just a silly take from one of my favorite movies - even featuring my impression of Pumbaa.

What I'm Listening To