Women should be able to have abortions because I don't consider aborting a fetus anywhere near as bad as murdering a baby, particularly for early stage abortions which comprise the vast majority. However I am much more concerned about late term abortions.


Legalize all drugs because I think people should be free to make their own decisions.


I believe free market capitalism is the most efficient way to improve the standard of living for everyone but that the so-called "capitalism" we have today is an abomination against how it was designed to work due to special interests corrupting the laws to prevent fair competition from newcomers.

Gay Rights

I see no need to put unnecessary restrictions on people's sexuality.


Everyone should have the right to defend themselves and prohibition only disarms the law-abiding. It also forces the gun market underground where it finances organized crime. It's safer to have guns sold by licensed dealerships where they can be registered and traced to an owner like in the US, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Lastly, the citizenry of a country should be allowed to own guns so that they can revolt against the government if they are oppressed.


Countries should be allowed to decide who they let in or not and it should be based on what the voters want but seldom is.

Racism and Sexism

Everyone should have equal opportunity and there is something to be learned from all people and cultures.

Wealth Redistribution

Generally taxes should be low and people should keep what they earn. But rather than highly taxing millionaires I think focusing on the extremely wealthy billionaires would be better since less people would resist so it might actually happen. Furthermore I doubt that when that much capital is concentrated among such a limited number of people that they can possibly figure out the best way to use it. Even with heuristics, a highly intelligent mind can still only process a relatively small amount of information in a given time.