My MBTI Personality Type: INTP

For those unfamiliar with the term, INTP is a personality type defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a psychological typology based on the work of Dr. Carl Jung, widely regarded as one of the greatest psychiatrists of all time. For an authoritative description of INTPs and more information about the typology check out

This next paragraph will be a bit technical but to be more specific, my test results usually turn out about 58% Introvert, 68% Intuitive, 65% Thinker, 53% Perceiver. Though some have said it's very unlikely to switch types in your mid-twenties, when I was younger multiple tests placed me as strictly INTJ, not borderline Perceiver. Even though only one letter changed (J to P) those familiar with the theory know that this represents a completely different function stack (from Ni-Te-Fi-Se to Ti-Ne-Si-Fe).

In retrospection, I would attribute this sharp change in my world outlook to a particularly tumultuous few years in a relationship with an ESFP in Los Angeles, a combination of two influences that are quite diametrically opposite to what the stereotypically studious INTJ would normally expose themselves to. I consider the difference between the Judger and Perceiver to be quite philosophical in nature and I think leaving the influence of my immediate family - all Judgers - to live in a highly "Perceiver" type of city was enough of a sustained environmental change to provoke this shift. I remember some of the precise moments and realizations that led to this altered perspective, and they often occured during a dreamlike state of mind, which I have found to be a particularly flexible and useful space for introspection and transformation.

I would say that I find the INTx categorization fairly accurate for myself, though in recent years I have developed a greater interest in people and related fields (psychology, history, culture, travel) and this corresponds with some increasingly extroverted tendencies but only when I can be quite selective about who I interact with. My main difference from INTJs would be more dedication to having fun and wilder ideas about what qualifies. I differ from INTPs in that I am more assertive/aggressive and find them to be too docile.

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