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Night With A jack vero

Night With A

Written by Jack Vero
on September 2, 2006. Experienced September 1, 2006.

For the sake of privacy, the girl's name has been changed to "A."

At this very moment, 4:22 am of Friday September 1st 2006, I have just arrived at my computer, in my calm and safe room where I will introduce the following written account of the adventure myself and A experienced this night. However I am currently too tired to begin writing the story, so I will settle to introduce it and captivate all readers of this introduction by revealing that tonight was the greatest adventure of my life thus far.

So. the time now is 12:14 am of the following morning, Saturday's. ive just returned from yet another extraordinary night with A. so now. its early. and i have some time to retell the story. well. this story starts at some time between 10 and 11 pm of thursday night when the two of us decided itd be a good night to sneak out. i made sure to be the last one downstairs in the house, so that i could ensure that the motion sensors of our alarm system would not be on. unfortunately A's dad provided a bit of a problem, he kept falling asleep on the couch, it took her like an hour of repeatedly trying to wake him up to get him to get off the couch, and when she finally convinced him to get off the couch and go to his bed he went to her brother's bed instead. So after another half an hour or so she was able to wake him up again but he went back to the couch! By about 12:30 she had finally gotten him to go up to his own bed. finally. so i put on a sweater, grabbed my cell phone, quietly opened the window in my family room, and jumped out down to the grass in the backyard. it was a 10-15 minute walk to her house, but i got there in about 5 since i jogged. i was too excited to walk. i saw some raccoons on the way there, they were coming out of someones open garage, i almost went to go investigate but decided against it out of impatience to reach A's. so i get to her house, climb up onto her fence, stand up on it, so that the beginning of her garage roof is at my chest level. she is watching me from her bed room window. after about 5 minutes of trying, i realize i cant get on her roof because theres nowhere to get a good grip and the rain collector eavestrough on her garage roof is in the way, it would break if i put any pressure on it. This was quite disappointing. Damn eavestrough. You know how often those thigns spoil my plans. More often than they should. So A says she'll go open her sliding door in the backyard and sneak out through there, so i go to meet her. The lights are on but shes not coming out so I watch her door from the shadows for a few minutes. i hear clanking inside her house. Eventually I creep up to the windows. Start peeking into them. I peek into her kitchen window. I see nothing but the kitchen and sink. then suddenly her fathers face juts right infront of the window!

Ill take a moment now to pause. build up some suspense. write the alphabet. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. cough. ahem. okay so back to the story

So i duck and run around to the side of the house around the corner into the dark. im unsure of whether he saw me or not. Im pretty nervous at this point. i try to calmly decide what the best action is. i figure i should get out of the backyard. so i hop back over the fence and go walk around on the street, waiting for A to come back to the window or to call me on my cell or something. later i would learn that she tried to call my cell but it didnt work for some reason, of all nights the nights for my cell to not work. so i climb back on the fence. i sit and wait. i assure myself that five mintues have passed, which means he didnt call the cops because they would have arrived by now. so he probably didnt see me. then A comes to the window. explains that she couldnt leave from the back because her father awoke again and wnet to the kitchen to put some dishes away or something. its like hes intentionally trying to be an obstacle lol. Like really. Who wakes up from sleep at one in the morning and cleans the dishes. well fortunately he didnt see me. so my heartbeat began to slow. over time. didnt happen in an instant. buyt yeah. then she tells me to meet her back at the sliding door. i go. her lights are flashing. im unsure of whether this is a signal to run away or to come. eventually i go and see that she is at the sliding door. She doesn "t open the door but makes sign language signals that i cant understand. I think she said to meet her at a window at the front of her house. So I go to the front window, shes not there. i check other windows too. but she shows up to none. then i go back on the fence and wait by the roof. eventually A climbs through her window onto the roof and comes to tell me that her mom woke up and asked her why she was still up so late, around 1 30 am, so A starts making up lies about problems with friends. so A couldnt come to the window. but now her mom is asleep again. at this point i consider going home, but decide to stay and stick it out. so then A helps me get onto her roof by pulling me up as i try and get on. so i get on the roof. i dont know how ill get back down. but we'll worry about that later, 'now were committed' i tell her. she smiled or laughed or something. so. after a few minutes of lying on the roof resting, i quietly crawl through her window into her room. she shows me the side of the bed where i am to hide if the need should arise... so. i join her in her bed. its a single. quite soft and comfortable. im still too nervous to relax. as time passes i slowly get more comfortable.

Over the next two hours i become dramatically more comfortable. but still wary about being caught. at some time past 3, as the two of us are lying topless together in her bed - someone opens her bedroom door.

There was no warning, no audible footsteps or creaking floorboards. No time to hide. I freeze as her eleven year old brother sleepily walks into the room. If he sees me he "s sure to awaken the whole house. A jumps out of bed grabs him by the shoulders and marches him out of the room before he opens his eyes enough for him to notice me lying there in the semi dark.

The time is now 8:16 pm of Tuesday the 19th of September of the same year. Its been nearly three weeks since that night. I "ve been meaning to finish this letter for a while. I kept saying I "ll get to it. Well now I have, I "m at it finally. I just reread what I "ve written so far and edited it, making it better. Now I "ll continue the letter.

So. After a few minutes of lying quietly on the ground between her bed and the wall A returns. Assures me that her brother didn "t notice me so I breathe several sighs of relief. So. By now. Im ready to leave. As soon as possible. But she says we should wait for five, ten minutes until everyone is completely asleep again. So we wait silently. After a while we climb back out the window onto the roof. But I find its too risky for me to try to get down, too difficult, there "s a good chance I "ll fall. So we hesitantly climb back into her room where her two parents are waiting for us. Ahaha no I "m just kidding. That would have sucked royally. Her parents and brother were still asleep. But her brother was just barely asleep so A went in his room to try and make him go to sleep, as she enters she closes his open door. My signal to silently tip toe to the stairs and descend them. I don "t know how her brother managed to silently come to A "s room without us hearing him, because though I "m an experienced tiptoer, every step I took produced a huge creak. Not only did all three of A "s relatives awaken in the middle of the night as obstacles, her house itself seemed to be purposely trying to get us caught. Well as I "m loudly creaking along the second story I hear her brother and quickly descend the stairs just as he opens his bedroom door. A tells him the creaking is from their awoken father who walked downstairs. So he follows me down the stairs. A warns me of where not to go by loudly saying, "Okay lets go to the KITCHEN, THE KITCHEN. " He looks at her like what "s wrong with you A. As they come down the stairs I hide behind a wall that separates the hallway from the family room and her brother and A walk down the hall to the kitchen where her brother gets a glass of milk. He asks where his dad went and A tells him he already went back upstairs. Ahaha. So. They drink the milk and then A says "Let "s go back up the STAIRS, THE STAIRS. " Ahaha. So I remain in my hiding spot trying to make myself as small as possible. They go upstairs and I go wait in the kitchen for A to come down. After a few minutes she comes downstairs and opens the family room window which I hurriedly and very happily exit from. We silently say goodbye with a goodnight kiss as I step out into the cool night air.

An incredible mixture of feelings of victory, good luck, and pure joy accompany me on my victory walk/dance home. The stars are bright and the air is sweet. I take a moment to lie down in the middle of Brookside road to enjoy the night. A few minutes later I climb back through my family room window and come up to my bedroom to start this email and enjoy a well deserved good night's sleep in my own bed.